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Keep Your PC Running Smoothly with Our Comprehensive Tune-Up Services

When was the Last Time You Tuned-Up Your PC?

Whether you're operating on MacOS X or Windows 11, maintaining your computer is essential to keeping it fast and efficient – and to keep you focused on your tasks, not your tech. Regular computer tune-ups can be the difference between a snappy, happy PC and one that just drags along.

Like a car, a computer needs routine care. Without it, your system will gradually become slower and start experiencing problems. Act now with Creative Computer Solutions’ professional computer tune-up service. It’s the proactive step to making your computer run like new again.

Our PC Tune-Up Service Includes:

  • Removal of unnecessary start-up programs

  • Virus and Spyware removal and protection

  • Error checking to prevent future PC issues

  • Speeding up the overall performance of your PC

  • Physical dust cleaning

  • Updating Drivers, Windows, and Software

  • Resolving any Registry or Software conflicts

  • Exclusive take-home tips to keep your PC in prime condition

Experience the Benefits of a PC Tune-Up:

  • Faster Boot Time: We eliminate unnecessary start-up programs and files, significantly speeding up your PC’s boot time.

  • Smarter, Speedier Internet: Our PC experts will remove malicious browser add-ons, toolbars, and extensions, optimizing the performance of your Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

  • Spyware Elimination: Say goodbye to background spyware that’s hampering your computer’s performance. We'll ensure they’re completely removed.

  • Registry Revitalization: Over time, residual program files can create conflicts or behave unpredictably. We’ll ensure your registry is streamlined and conflict-free.

  • Comprehensive Virus Checks: Suspect a PC virus? We’ll perform thorough scans for viruses, trojans, rootkits, malware, and more. Note that severe virus removal may incur an additional charge.

  • Critical Hard Drive Inspection: We will detect and address bad or failing sectors on your hard drive that could slow your system and risk total failure.

No Virus Stands a Chance:

We specialize in removing all types of viruses, including but not limited to:

  • Worm Virus

  • Spyware Virus

  • Malware

  • Ransomware Virus

  • Trojans Virus

  • Rootkit Virus

  • Boot Sector Virus

  • Adware Virus

  • FBI Virus

  • Resident Virus

  • Multipartite Virus

  • Direct Action Virus

  • Overwrite Virus

  • Browser Hijacker Virus

  • Web Scripting Virus

  • Macro Virus

  • Directory Virus

  • Polymorphic Virus

  • Crypto Locker Virus

  • Crypto Wall Virus

  • Encrypted Virus

  • Network Virus

Don’t let viruses and performance issues slow you down. Trust the experts at Creative Computer Solutions to restore your computer to peak performance.

Contact us today to schedule your professional computer tune-up!

No Appointment Necesary
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