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4709 Coronado Pkwy
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Do you have a computer virus? Windows? Mac? No problem! We provide a genius computer repair solution to get you back up and running!

Stop fighting computer hackers.

Conquer your computer problems! 

Free Diagnostics & Estimates

Satisfaction Guaranteed

No-Fix, No-Pay Policy

Average 24 Hour Turn Around

Warranty with ALL repairs

Unlimited Virus Removal Plans

Why? Because your computer should work.

No Appointment Necesary

When did you last tune-up your PC? Never? Maintaining your computer, whether it runs Mac OS X or Windows, is essential to keeping it peppy – and keeping you sane. If you tune-up on a regular basis, you'll probably be much happier with your desktop or laptop's performance.

Just like a car, if you don’t tune up your computer, it will become slower and start to have problems. Be proactive and get a professional tune-up. It will make your computer running like new.


Our PC tune-up covers the following services:

  • Removal of unnecessary start-up programs

  • Virus / Spyware removal and protection

  • Error checking to prevent future PC issues

  • Speeding up the overall performance of PC

  • Physical dust cleaning

  • Updating Drivers / Windows / Software

  • Removing any Registry / Software conflicts

  • Take-home tips to keep PC in good shape

What do I get for a PC tune-up?

  • Faster boot time – Regardless we will remove any unnecessary start-up programs and files which slow down your PC.

  • Faster Internet – Our PC experts will wipe out any malicious browser add-ons, bars, and extensions. This will ensure that your Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari are running smoothly.

  • Spyware be gone! If you have background spyware and stuff gumming up your overall performance, we’ll ensure they’re exterminated.

  • Registry clean up – Over time, program files may be leftover, conflict with others, or just misbehave. We’ll ensure the registry is looking the way it needs to look.

  • Virus checks – Got a PC virus? We’ll scan your PC to see if there are any viruses, trojans, rootkits, malware, or anything else that is malicious and ensure your system is clean of it. Please note that virus removal service may be an additional charge depending on the level of severity.

  • Hard drive check – We will make sure you don’t have bad or failing sectors on your hard drive. This could slow down your hard drive and ultimately stop your computer from booting. Definitely, an important thing to check!

What kind of virus's can we remove? All of them... But here is a small list.
  • Worm Virus

  • Spyware Virus

  • Malware

  • Ransomware Virus

  • Trojans Virus

  • Rootkit Virus

  • Boot Sector Virus

  • Adware Virus

  • FBI Virus

  • Resident Virus

  • Multipartite Virus

  • Direct Action Virus

  • Overwrite Virus

  • Browser Hijacker Virus

  • Web Scripting Virus

  • Macro Virus

  • Directory Virus

  • Polymorphic Virus

  • Crypto Locker Virus

  • Crypto Wall Virus

  • Encrypted Virus

  • Network Virus

No Appointment Necesary